Stage V Workshop: Presentation & Moderation

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    Stage V – Presentation & Moderation for Controllers

    Ongoing changes in company organization increase the demand for the controller to act as a business partner. In the interaction with managers, controller needs to recognize, visualize, present but also discuss economic interrelations, more than ever. In addition to the holistic economic understanding, knowledge of communication in groups, processing information for faster comprehension is needed, as well as the ability to facilitate developing discussions in a target-oriented way. Corresponding behavioral training is a firm component for up-to-date controller education.

    Your benefits

    • You will learn techniques and key success factors for solving complex topics
    • You will have developed and applied most important recommendations relating to the presentation by utilizing video analysis
    • You will optimize your communicative skills as controller and business partner
    • The task field of a business partner as a facilitator of group processes will be comprehensively explained and exercised intensively, based on concrete tasks from controller-practice
    • You receive personal feedback and implementation advice to appearance, language and behavior during the whole week, from CA-trainers and other participants – also by means of video evaluation. Small work groups ensure retaining the gained knowledge through numerous transfer units
    • Finally, you will give a diploma-worthy presentation and moderate a plenary session with all the participants

    Language: English or German (you can choose the language and date)


    Dipl.-Ing. Dietmar Pascher, Controller Akademie
    Dr. Klaus Eiselmayer, Controller Akademie

    Workshop Content

    For more details about the workshop content, please visit the Controller Akademie – Stage V official website.

    CA izvaja seminarje Stage V Workshop v Feldafingu v Nemčiji in sicer vsaj 1x letno v angleškem jeziku, v nemškem jeziku pa je razpisanih več terminov, praktično vsak mesec.

    To je sicer samostojen seminar in se ga lahko udeleži vsak, ki ga ta vsebina zanima! Za tiste, ki želite pridobiti diplomo kontrolerja, pa je obvezni sestavni del na poti do diplome.

    Aktualni termini v angleškem ali nemškem jeziku, tudi ONLINE

    Šola kontrolinga svojim udeležencem nudi vaučer za udeležbo na seminarju v Nemčiji po subvencionirani ceni. Za več informacij o tem nas kontaktirajte na

    << Stage III Seminar: Reporting & Communication

    >> Diploma

    Šola kontrolinga svojim udeležencem nudi vaučer za udeležbo na seminarju v Nemčiji po subvencionirani ceni. Za več informacij nas kontaktirajte na

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